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(This book is currently a Best Seller on Amazon)Did You Know?- Many popular "dinosaurs" appeared in movies, books, and science journals are NOT dinosaurs!- Even the US Postal Office made a mistake on their "dinosaur" stamps!  - Large Reptiles dominated the world 55 million years BEFORE dinosaurs appeared!  - When dinosaurs ruled the land, huge swimming and flying reptiles ruled the ocean and the sky!  - The swimming reptiles were super sharks because they ate sharks!  - The flying reptiles had the largest flying animal ever lived on Earth!  - The mammal-like reptiles had fur and other mammal features, but they died out earlier than dinosaurs!  - The first mammal evolved from mammal-like reptiles in the dinosaur world.? It was only 4 inches long like a mouse today!   - Reptiles are still alive today; some are quite big, too!  - And a LOT, LOT MORE!  - Look Inside the Book Now to learn all the EXCITING SECRETS about dinosaurs and other huge reptiles!Here's what you are going to see in the book:=============================================Chapter One: Oops! The US Postal Service Made a Mistake!Back in 1989, the US Postal Service published a group of "dinosaur" stamps - as they claimed:  A "flying dinosaur", scientifically Pteranodon (pronounced ter-AN-oh-don), was included in the stamps. ?Unfortunately, this was NOT a dinosaur but a huge flying reptile.After receiving many angry letters-to-editors asking the Postal Service to recall the stamps to save the children, the Post Service came out with this excuse:"The term 'dinosaur' has been used generically to describe all the animals, even though Pteranodon was a flying reptile."Too bad, the "dinosaur" definition was WRONG, too.    Worse, they made another mistake by naming a dinosaur Brontosaurus while the correct name is Apatosaurus.Did they have an excuse for this mistake too?Of course they did:...=============================================This books uses easy to understand, fun facts and real-life photos instead of the regular hand-drawings to reveal a shocking fact in the education and entertainment industry: Many "dinosaurs" are just NOT dinosaurs!The books opens the door to a brand-new world for your little ones where:-  Large reptiles dominated the world 55 million years BEFORE dinosaurs appeared.- Dinosaurs only ruled the land while the huge flying and swimming reptiles dominated the sky and ocean at the same time.- Mammals were just as big as a mouse when they first appeared in the dinosaur world.- Reptiles are still active today, living with the warm-blooded animals, such as mammals and birds.In addition to the exciting knowledge, this book also shows your kids how to do their online research and start to learn all by themselves:  Chapter seven "How Can I Tell Dinosaurs from Other Large Reptiles?" has step-by-step instructions on how kids can do their own Internet research to easily find information on any topics, such as dinosaur.    More importantly, how to find good information that are both accurate and fun to read from reputable sources, such as the BBC Nature, CNN, museums, and Google.Look Inside the book now and see how much your kids will LOVE this unusual, exciting dinosaur and reptile book.  Read with them tonight and let them become the true experts with dinosaurs and big reptiles!New - Free Bonus: You will get access to over 30 online jigsaw puzzle games absolutely FREE. These are the games specifically created for your little ones. Look Inside the Book for details now...

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